Santé Center Reviews

Santé Center for Healing considers it both a privilege and a responsibility to walk alongside individuals and families – traveling from crisis to the healing found on the recovery journey to long-term recovery. This has been our mission for 24 years and counting…

Over the years, alumni and their family have emailed, written, called in, and posted stories of the Santé experience and how Santé impacted their life. Just a few of them are shared below.

Google Reviews

“Santé has a beautiful facility, highly qualified staff, and do not treat patients for only their addition. I am honored to work here. Having been a resident at another rehab facility in the past, I can whole heartily say that Santé goes above and beyond to make sure their residents are getting the counseling, life skills, and addiction treatment they need to succeed in sobriety and life. I am amazed by how the business office diligently works/fights with insurance companies for residents to be covered as much as possible. Santé is not a short term, “quick fix” like so many facilities, including the one I stayed at. Those types of places rarely work. Santé wants their residents to leave here with confidence and pride, knowing they have what it takes to succeed. I can’t help but imagine how much better my life would have if I had come to Santé for my treatment.”

“I have worked with Santé Center for Healing as a business partner for over 5 years. When I visit their location, I am always greeted warmly by their staff. The importance of their work can’t be emphasized enough. They are literally saving lives with their services. It’s obvious that their people care about their work personally. If I ever had a friend or family member in need of their services, they would be the first place I call.”

“Santé is a wonderful place for getting to the root of the issues that may be occurring in individuals with dual-diagnoses, addictions & trauma. They have a long history of helping people get back to a functional, healthy & happy life.”

“Great place to work! Truly cares about the patient and recovery!”

“If you are looking for caring professionals, who are truly concerned about helping people get their lives and families restored from the destruction of addiction, then you should seriously consider Santé Center for Healing. Since 2013, I have had the privilege of having a great business relationship with these fine people, who have the highest integrity. They have many life changing stories from alumni, who are back to leading healthy, productive lives because of the excellent treatment they received at Santé. I would highly recommend them if you or a loved is seeking help from addiction.”

“I am now going on my 3rd year of working at Santé. I absolutely love Santé, the people and the fact that “Miracles really do happen on the hill.” I am currently the Intensive Workshop Therapist at Santé and in addition, offer individual therapy through our Community Based Services Clinic. I have seen lives transformed and people find hope and healing when they thought all hope was lost. I am truly blessed to be part of the Santé Family and I hope to be around for a long time!”

“Santé got me sober, but even better, gave me the tools to stay sober. The location is beautiful, and the faculty is absolutely exceptional; my therapist changed my life. I will be forever grateful for the experience I had at Santé’ because it really did save my life. Recovery is possible. I cannot recommend enough!”

“I have worked with Santé Center for Healing for many years now. The staff is professional, courteous, and kind. They truly care about their clients and the vendors who provide service to them. They are truly amazing and I am proud to work with them.”

“I currently am a therapist and Santé and have been consistently impressed with the dedication our treatment team gives to the individuals who seek help here. I am grateful to have found Santé.”

“I am actually a contractor that Santé has hired for multiple services. I can’t speak from a patron/patient stand point, but as an individual with great observation, it is my understanding this is definitely the right home away from home. The staff is always very friendly and accommodating for me, and my crews. They have very strict rules, and guidelines that even we had to follow, which for a facility of this caliber, seems very necessary. They also take great care of the facility, and search for improvements constantly. I personally upgraded some of the railing to keep them in code. We also upgraded, and repaired all of the decks, and pathways they have throughout the property. Just feels like a great environment to grow, and heal. Highly recommended!”

“This is a beautiful treatment center. They treat everyone with respect and are friendly. Santé’s landscape has a getaway feel to it. It has long scenic walking paths across the street from a country club. I would highly recommend Santé to anyone searching for real treatment.”

“We couldn’t have picked a better treatment center for my husband! My husband does not have insurance and they worked out a payment plan so that we could afford his much needed treatment. It’s a beautiful facility and they treated my husband, me, and our family with the up most respect and were so kind and understanding. I recommend them to anyone who needs treatment. My husband is almost two years sober and we are still able to call or email if we have any questions or concerns related to his addiction and we couldn’t be more grateful for Santé.”

“Santé is a caring facility with a beautiful campus and highly trained therapists who work to help each patient reach a goal of long-term recovery.”

“Santé Center for Healing is an awesome company to work with. Every employee I’ve come into contact with has been very professional and quick to respond. I would recommend Santé to anybody!”

“I’ve had the privilege of working with the amazing people at Santé. The industry is growing because some want to profit from the treatment of addiction, but Santé has a heart for long-term recovery, tried-and-true practices, and a focus on excellence throughout the organization.”

“Beautiful facility with a holistic approach to healing!”

“Santé absolutely changed my life and saved it in more ways than one! I was a patient from August – October 2017.

I went there hopeless, empty, confused, scared… dead inside. I left literally in the best health of my life.

Addiction literally destroyed almost everything in my life. It was about to kill me. SANTÉ SAVED ME PERIOD!

The first group session I walked into… I immediately felt welcomed and at home. The group leader and over half the patients in the room warmly welcomed me which took the terror of being “the new guy” away. You might think you are alone and hopeless in addiction? Like you are the only one going through the hell of it all. At Santé, you will find many others who felt just like you do now, before they walked through those doors. Addicts understand and deeply sympathize with other addicts. Going to rehab is nothing to be ashamed about! In fact if anything it is brave and smart! You will find the fellow addicts at Santé to be unbelievably welcoming due to the strong community they foster.

Santé saved my life in so many ways. I would not have lasted another year in my addiction. On a side note however, Santé is so thorough, they actually identified another somewhat unrelated health condition with my liver that would have greatly reduced my life span if not identified and treated.

Santé literally means “health”. I left Santé healthier in mind, body, and spirit!

MIND: They gave me the tools to fight my addiction, and helped me understand why I got addicted in the first place.

BODY: They will bring your unhealthy and weak drug/alcohol addicted body back to a healthy status via proper nutrition as well as other fitness. I rarely ever worked out… in fact I hated it. But through proper introductions to healthy fitness, I now work out five days a week and I am in better shape than I have ever been. And believe me… people will notice! 😉

SPIRIT: Everyone needs some spirituality, not religion necessarily, but spirituality. They encourage it the same way 12-Step does.

If you are reading my review… you know you have a problem and life has become unmanageable. Santé provides an ultra-low stress environment where you can simply take the time to fix you! It’s a journey, and you take it with others like you! Even better, a huge percentage of the staff are healthy long term recovering addicts themselves. They get it! You can deal with the mess of your life when you get healthy. Trust me… Santé will change your life for the better.”

“Santé has a beautiful campus, great food, and fantastic staff with an unmatched program for patients with co-occurring issues such as mental illness, chemical dependency, eating disorder, and problematic sexual behavior. They never give up on their patients even when the patient has given up on themselves.”

“I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with a PhD, practicing in the Oklahoma City area. I had worked with a client for about 18 months, strongly recommending inpatient treatment for multiple issues. She had inpatient treatment several times before, throughout her adolescence and early adulthood. We were meeting two or three times per week and she simply wasn’t able to resist the urges to engage in self destructive behaviors. I continually explained that she needed to be in a contained environment where she had round-the-clock support from a staff of expert, caring staff members. Finally, she told me she would go if she could leave in the next 24 hours (before her destructive, negative beliefs talked her out of it). We immediately started making phone to treatment centers, trying to find an inpatient facility that would work with her insurance and could admit her quickly. We tried at least a dozen nationally recognized facilities, but Santé Center for Healing is the only one that really went to bat for her. She felt that they were fighting to try to get her in. Several days later she was ready to go. When she arrived she felt so anxious that she had to phone someone in the center and they came out to her car and escorted her in. She told me that she was not happy once she got there but everyone bent over backwards to make her feel welcomed, even though she was very difficult the first days and weeks. Gradually their unconditional acceptance won her over and she began working hard and utilizing all of the resources they had to offer. She raved about the professionalism of the staff and her delight that many, even those not assigned to her treatment, would go the distance to support her and be available round the clock if she needed it. In time, she stopped hating herself and began to be a productive member of their community. After ten weeks she returned to our out-patient work. The moment I saw her I knew that she had changed in a profound and significant way. Answered prayers. She is home now, with her family, slowly returning to work and creating a safe and supportive aftercare experience. I have worked with addictions and eating disorders for twenty years, and referred many clients to inpatient treatment, continuing to work with them when they returned. I have never enjoyed such on-going communication with my client’s inpatient treatment team, and found myself so well informed to make a seamless transition when the client returned. I am impressed, Santé, and I thank you for the excellent work that you did with this client who was stuck in very difficult dynamics and beliefs. I truly believe that she now has the tools and determination to maintain all of the success and recovery that your staff helped her to discover. I knew that she was capable of such a major transformation. Your team made it possible. Thank you!”

“Professional staff and an asset to the north Texas mental health community.”

“Santé helped save my life. I was there 5 months for substance abuse, self-harm, an eating disorder, and depression. I wouldn’t be clean & sober today if it wasn’t for them. They never gave up on me, and kept encouraging me to stay and to do the necessary work until they were hopeful that I could stay clean. Most residential centers have a 30-day max stay, but at the 30 day mark, most people are just getting their mind right again from getting away from destructive behaviors. That’s when the real work begins. Santé truly wants its patients to succeed, which is why they have a curriculum of therapeutic work designed to ensure patients have the best possible chance of staying clean–and yes that takes longer than 30 days. It is absolutely worth it, though. I was in therapy for years before my time at Santé, but the work I did at Santé stuck with me, went beyond what I did with my other therapists, and opened my eyes to various patterns I had in my life that I needed to change in order to stay healthy.

A lot of the therapists and techs are in recovery themselves, too, which makes for an almost 24/7 support system. They are all there for you, no matter what you’re going through, no matter what time of the day it is. Their outpatient/aftercare program needs some work, but their residential program is overall very good. I’m extremely grateful for my time there, and wouldn’t change it for anything.”

“My son is on his second stay at Sante now. He went there first due to a recommendation from our doctor. He stayed 30 days but unfortunately did not complete treatment. Treatment is HARD period no matter where you are! Without a doubt, I know he is where he needs to be and everyone has been supportive of him. He has worked mostly with Hannah B who even when he left was available to him when he was at his lows and helped him realize the need to return to complete treatment. I pray he stays and completes treatment this time but if he chooses to leave it will not be because of anything at Sante. The policy’s and regulations are there in the best interest of the patients. Ex. the class you have to take for visitation, I didn’t really like at first but realize that not only is it informative for families but it also keeps those who aren’t committed to his treatment from visiting! They work on his whole health not just addiction and I think that is what makes Sante stand out from the others.”

“It is my distinct privilege to know Sante from so many different angles. I first learned of the organization when working in the nonprofit substance abuse prevention world – to prevent the incidence and impact of alcohol and other drugs. Sante kept rising to the top for professionalism, compassion and success with their patients. When an opportunity to work at Sante presented itself, I hoped I had enough experience and skills to bring “to the Sante table” that was populated by such credentialed, highly trained, experienced (and yet approachable) therapists, doctors, nurses, administrators and so many more. That was 5 years ago; Sante has been where I’ve lived out my calling. And in that timeframe I’ve also sat in the Family & Friends Support Group as friend/loved one after referring many friends and family to Sante as well. Wouldn’t refer them to Sante if I didn’t believe in it so profoundly.”

“I highly recommend Sante Center for Healing. It has helped save my loved one’s life, and has shown us how to have a new blueprint for a healthy family dynamic. For that, I am forever grateful.”

“My sibling did wonderfully while in treatment here! The holistic approach allowed my brother the opportunity to make the treatment his own and gave him freedom to use artistic outlets like playing guitar, drawing, writing poetry/songs which other facilities have not allowed him to do in the past, and of course he also completed more technical/therapy-based assignments, participated in the groups, and individual therapy. My family was a big push in getting my brother into treatment, he was not happy about it, but he now says it was the best treatment facility and program he has been to (he has been to at least 4 others). As all people with addiction issues experience, there are ups and downs, but I truly believe Sante got my brother to talk about and work on underlying issues of trauma/depression/anxiety more than anything he could have done on his own. There is so much progress in the way he thinks about confrontations and he analyzes what a safe setting looks like to avoid being tempted by others to use or be in a ‘shady’ situation. I hope his success continues, and I am grateful for the staff and the work done at Sante to give me pieces of my brother back which were so lost and buried under addiction before treatment.”

“My 90 day stay at Santé is the best and most precious gift I’ve ever given myself. The staff is amazing (though, at first, in your addiction, may tick you off!!) and I’m so grateful for their intervention at various times during my stay.

The therapists are highly qualified and right on the money. Compassionate, skilled, wise, and experienced, the therapists don’t give up you and genuinely care.

One of the most effective modalities of treatment is experiential treatment – and it’s fun! I learned so much there on the ropes course!

The program is rigorous and regimented. You will work your individual program and average of nine hours a day. It’s all totally worth it.

The food is good – especially breakfast – and prepared by talented cheese and cooks. The grounds and maintenance department is thorough and professional. The facility is BEAUTIFUL and well kept.

If you or someone you love suffers from addiction, Santé is the place to heal. Work the program; stay as long as you can.”

“I have learned a lot working for Santé; they really care for their clients and families.”

“I am forever grateful for the experience, strength and hope I got at Santé! My life is much better now! I was sober for 8 years once and then I smoked my first joint and now more than 40 years later I have found much serenity following treatment at Santé. I am sober .I continue with meetings, my sponsor and I do service as much as possible. Santé truly changed my lifestyle and I am thankful to have had a very positive life changing experience there! Sincerely, Dr. Stephen M Kaufman DDS”

“This is a beautiful facility with a staff that truly does care about helping each individual’s needs.”

“As the adult child of an alcoholic, I can only wish that Santé Center for Healing would have been available for my father. I know Santé Center would have helped him get back the life he deserved but was never able to achieve. Through my affiliation with Santé Center for Healing, I have met people who have found success and beat their addictions. The campus is so calming – I feel it every time I am there. The staff is so caring and understands the journey we go through. I share this because I hope you will take the time to make Santé Center available for your family member or someone you love and care about.”

“Santé Center for Healing has an amazing facility and an amazing staff. Everyone is treated with kindness and respect from the moment they step on the facility.”

“Santé Center for Healing is an amazing place with the best staff! Highly recommend.”

“I have worked at Santé going on 1 year. It is a beautiful facility, with the best and brightest clinicians in the area. If you don’t believe me… come out and see for yourself.”

“Santé is great place to help you build your recovery… but don’t think it can happen in 30 days. A 30-day program is simply not enough time for anyone in addiction to not only understand their self and what brought them to that point of desperation, but also to build the skills for a life in future recovery. 90 days is really an important commitment to make, even though that is understandably very difficult for some families. A bare minimum, 60-75 days. I stayed 143 days and got sober 5 years ago, because I needed that long. Some stay longer because they need that much treatment. I see reviews about 30 day or less complaints, or complaints about the staff… these are coming from us – addicts, who will tell our families what we want to get what we want. The truth is that Santé is a serious place that is seriously committed in a caring way to setting addicts on a healing path to recovery. It saved my life.”

“My experience at Santé was nothing short of amazing. I learned so much about myself and was able to start my recovery here with the help of the experienced staff members and case managers. I would recommend this place to anyone struggling with any kind of addiction.”

“Santé is one of my preferred providers due to the excellent clinical team and effective treatment tracks. They also offer all the levels of care and have psychiatrists on staff. T. Allen”

“The staff here is so warm and friendly. I have benefited so much from their free friends and family groups provided here. Santé has really helped me and my family out!”

“I am a therapist at Santé Center for Healing and my experience is that this is the best treatment facility at which I have ever worked! The approach to helping addicts and alcoholics as well as folks who have co-occurring mental health problems and those who struggle with process addictions… it’s located in a beautiful country environment too!”

“All that I know about this facility reflects a heart to make a difference. Nobody is perfect but they continue to make changes, reach out to the community and seek to understand new roads and resources that will lead to recovery. In this day and age we desperately need more people like this to assist hurting people in our society. I am a cheerleader for sure.”

“I have worked here for 8 years now. I find Santé Center for Healing as a small, intimate, and welcoming place. They show patients how to have a balanced and “quality” life. They transform lives and give patients every tool they need for success. I often remind the patients how incredibly brave they are for wanting a better life and showing up to make it happen. There is hope…. We can help.”

“This place is amazing. The staff is great and they know what they’re doing. It’s a wonderful place for healing.”

“Santé Center for Healing absolutely changed my life. If it weren’t for God putting this place in my life when He did, I could no longer be alive. Santé’s hardworking staff was with me every step of the way as I completed both their inpatient and outpatient programs, as well as a month of transitional living. Even though I “graduated” 7 years ago, Santé still plays a big role in my recovery through the alumni network. I will forever be thankful for this treatment center, and I would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with addiction/mental irregularities.”

“Starting in March of 2018, I stayed at Santé for residential treatment for 95 days. I came there for severe alcoholism at the insistence of friends, family and coworkers, intending to stay the minimum 30 days so I could get out fast and drink again. Not only was my alcoholism successfully treated, but it changed my life in almost every way.

The treatment program is geared towards 90 days, but people often want to stay for less. I was amazed how many people opted to stay for the full treatment complete, including myself, after being there for a while. The longer I stayed there, the longer I kept extending my stay despite the cost. Of course they recommended that, but I chose to stay because I felt so much different. I dove into everything they offered with an open mind, and if you go in with that attitude, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder before I arrived. They treated all of it, not just my drinking. I took advantage of as much therapy and education as I could, lived by the things I learned and even served as a community leader. Now nearly six months later I am sober and I am almost completely free of anxiety AND depression. I couldn’t have hoped for more and for the first time I am living as my true self and I’m truly happy.

Yes it’s difficult, yes you’ll meet some “interesting” people, but that is exactly what I needed to build connections with others again. Yes it’s expensive, and you may not be covered by insurance for all of it. But I ask people now, “would you buy a car if it would save your life?” To which I answered “absolutely”.”

“I checked into Santé’ as a seriously ill alcoholic with major depression and anxiety. I began working with a therapist in my hometown, Oklahoma City, who recommended Santé’ because of their thorough approach in handling dual-diagnosis patients like myself. I had an assigned case manager, a small group, a psychiatrist, access to a general care physician, and a roommate. Each lent a different kind of support that helped me adjust to and accept a new kind of mindset and begin to recover from the pains experienced deep in addiction. I received the help I did not know I needed and was able to move on to the next phase of care – sober living. Santé’ Center for Healing’s inpatient treatment helped me recover and enter a new phase of life as a grown, independent woman.”

“I spent almost 3 months there for treatment. When I left treatment, my recovery was still a rocky road for quite some time. That was not Santé’s fault, but my own. They gave me the tools, and I learned a lot about my own behavior, relationship tendencies, and addiction that I had not inflected upon in the past. I’m a psychiatrist and was recommended to Santé by the medical board. I did not agree with, or even adhere to some of their rules, but that was my own ego and pride showing through. They truly have their patients’ best interest at heart. Jaylia Rentfro was my case manager and I still think about her daily. While I may not have realized it at the time, Santé and the relationships I made there in the community saved my life. I am forever grateful for that. For what it’s worth, this is where the Texas Medical Board sends physicians who are needing help with substance abuse issues. That alone should speak to its credibility amongst medical and mental health professionals.”

“I can’t say enough good things about Santé Center!”

“I’ve been working at Santé for a little over 3 years now and I am incredibly grateful that I’ve been given this opportunity. Santé is a great place to work and a great place to receive treatment!”

“My experience with Santé has been very positive. I have a family member who is being treated there and I have had a great experience. Finding a treatment center for a loved one who is in crisis is stressful enough, coupled with the fact that I didn’t know where to start, and had no idea how this process works. I called several centers. Santé was the most helpful with the process, had the most to offer in their program, they were highly recommended by addiction professionals, I know some people who have gone through their facility who have highly recommended it, and they also had a spot available when we needed it. It was very important for my loved one to go from detox to treatment, “door to door.”

From the beginning, they were very helpful and educational about admission, and also stressed to us that it is a “goals based” program tailored to each individual’s needs, which we were happy about. We were not looking for the typical 30, 60, 90 day, “numbers based” program.

Santé will do all the legwork filing insurance. That is very good peace of mind because most places make you file your own insurance which makes it a lot of money out of pocket up front, and it’s hard to get reimbursed that way. Great care is worth any amount of money when your loved one is an addict and could die from their disease.

I feel that we have gotten great care from Santé. From the initial phone call, to the welcoming staff when my loved one walked through the door, friends and family support, then family therapy which was amazing for us and very healing for our relationship, it’s been extremely supportive. We have a great starting point for going forward in the process of recovery. This has not been an easy process for my loved one, rehab is hard! He is now very hopeful and understanding so much about this disease. I haven’t seen him smile a real smile in years! Finally I got to see that, and he is on his journey in recovery because of the very supportive, professional and dedicated staff, strict program, and his willingness to work hard for his recovery.

I highly recommend Santé Center for Healing. It has helped save my loved one’s life, and has shown us how to have a new blueprint for a healthy family dynamic. For that, I am forever grateful.”

“I am a former patient of Santé (2014) and now have the honor of leading yoga classes there. To be “rigorously honest,” as we say in the program of Recovery, I did not get sober there. However, I do not hold Santé responsible for that. I was still struggling with grave emotional and mental disorders when I left. Addiction is never our problem, it’s our solution. So, until we are able to identify, accept and begin to heal these underlying issues, rarely do we stay sober. Also, Recovery/rehab is not for those who need it, but for those who want it and are willing to go to any length to get it!

Having that said Santé provided me with a safe and nurturing environment in which I was able to begin my recovery journey. The seeds I needed were planted there! I was able to understand the medical side of addiction, the effects that my underlying issues had on my addiction, given tools to help ease the discomfort of this disease and an opportunity to live life on life’s terms without the use of chemicals. I can honestly testify that Santé is highly qualified to help those who are ready to receive help. I’m honored to be a small part of this wonderful community whose commitment is to help others live lives that are happy, joyous and free!

If you are wondering why I didn’t give them a 5 star rating, it’s because nothing is perfect. Everyone and everything has room for improvement. Our Program tells us that we are about progress, not perfection!

“Support group offered a good experience for family members to learn and get acquainted with the terminologies used in care. Their online support group offered a chance for families to interface with staff members.”

“Sante Center for Healing is an amazing organization that treats any and all individuals with a challenge as equal. Everyone is always treated with respect and given a wealth of support to carry on in their everyday lives. Thank you for your loyal support and your continued guidance along the way!”

“I saw Jo for counseling and she helped me survive the hardest time of my life. I am a better person today because of the help I found at Sante.”

“One of the things that sets Sante apart is how much they care about people calling in need of help. Even if someone cannot walk through the doors of Sante, the clinical intake staff will stay with them until they walk through the door somewhere. I am forever grateful for the same attention I received more than 10 years ago from intake staff just like them. When someone cares about you first before their bottom line, you have a greater chance of getting the help you need. I look forward to being part of this caring and experienced team for years to come.”

“I was born and raised in Denton, TX and had never heard of Santé until recently. My experiences thus far have been truly amazing and the property is gorgeous. The patients do incredible, emotional work and I am honored to be a part of it all. We are family owned and with that brings more flexibility when it comes to payment options with less red tape involved. Our treatment plans are individualized and we offer dual-diagnosis as well as being coed. The success stories I have personally heard have brought tears to my eyes and reassures my decision to join the team. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you or someone you know needs some healing from alcohol/ substance abuse with mental health struggles, I encourage you to come check it out for yourself. Our intake staff is available 24/7.”

“I have much gratitude for Santé for helping me understand myself. Santé helped me to find my inner child. I can now be vulnerable without being afraid. I can identify my emotions and process them. I have a family of choice for support. I have freedom from shame because of my past behavior. I can truly trust and demonstrate compassionate acts. I can express empathy. I can speak my truth without fear. I can listen and be present for others in the times of their needs. Santé has helped me grow to be a healthier person. The above skills, I have learned by attending Santé – My God sent me here for a purpose – to heal my forever child. Thank You!”

Facebook Reviews

“Excellent program geared for the clients and their extended family. Intensive are worth the time. Breakthrough in such a short period of time. Staff is amazing.”

“Santé people are amazing, open, and helpful!”

“Santé has been an excellent place to work. I am consistently impressed with the dedication of the team to help individuals suffering from addiction.”

“Amazing facility full of passionate employees!”

“There is such amazing and caring staff that goes above and beyond for their clients! Plus the facility is in excellent condition it looks like I could be right at home!”

“Santé Center for Healing is a fabulous residential treatment facility in Argyle, Texas. They have a qualified staff capable of helping and giving hope to those suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol and other compulsive, addictive disorders. In addition, they have the experience to manage and treat those with a dual diagnosis of substance abuse issues combined with mental health challenges. Santé worked with me over a weekend to get a patient enrolled there while he was still open and willing. Thank you, Santé!”

“If you or a loved one needs help with addiction Santé is a great place to start your journey to recovery. I was there 3/2018 and they helped me with my addiction and much more about my life.”

“Santé has done what I thought was impossible, they have helped a friend who I thought was a lost cause find a solution to their pain. Thank you Santé for all your help.”

“Santé is a very beautiful place; they have both a professional and caring team of people.”

“Santé saved my life, I was there close to 3 months and I can’t explain how grateful I am for Santé.”

“I am eternally grateful to Santé for changing my life and breaking me down so that I could start living again.”

“Sante is great place to help you build your recovery… but don’t think it can happen in 30 days. A 30-day program is simply not enough time for anyone in addiction to not only understand their self and what brought them to that point of desperation, but also to build the skills for a life in future recovery. 90 days is really an important commitment to make, even though that is understandably very difficult for some families At a bare minimum, 60-75 days. I stayed 143 days and got sober 5 years ago, because I needed that long. Some stay longer because they need that much treatment. I see reviews about 30 day or less complaints, or complaints about the staff… these are coming from us – addicts, who will tell our families what we want to get what we want. The truth is that Sante is a serious place that is seriously committed in a caring way to setting addicts on a healing path to recovery. It saved my life.”

“This amazing facility, it’s professionals, my family, my “Socrates”(J.T.), and MY God saved my life and taught me how to live a healthy life, substance free. I’m one month shy of 8 years sober! God bless Sante Center for Healing.”

“They cared….they checked on me several times before my actual appointment, and continued until my last. Would recommend to anyone seeking this type of treatment.”

“Having been an employee at Sante for several years and seeing firsthand the healing that can occur, I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who is considering inpatient care.”

“Exemplary service, magical experience, lifelong friendships…peaceful sobriety.”

“I have learned a lot working for Santé. They really care about their clients and families.”

“Santé Center for Healing is a very caring place. They care about the patients and their recovery!”

“If you struggling with addiction Santé Center for Healing is the best facility for you. They do not only treat your addiction but get to the root of the addiction. They offer life changing Trauma and Codependency intensives. The therapists are amazing and work hard with you to help you reach your treatment goals. The friendly staff is there to support and encourage you along your journey. There is wonderful alumni support after you leave.”

“Thank you all. This saved me.”

“This place is amazing definitely saved my life. And I also got to meet a lot of amazing people while I was there.”

“Wonderful people!”

“Healing of addictive behavior is 50% mental 50% spiritual and requires 100% honesty with your “higher power” Santé’ provides the light to shine on the pathway to Recovery and a surrendering.”

“Great source for information.”

“Santé got me sober and saved my life in many ways. Ever grateful for the experience I had at this amazing facility!”


“Best place in the world!!!!!”

“I previously worked for The Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse in Dallas (a great nonprofit, by the way). In my roles there I had the opportunity to get to know many great local and national treatment centers, but Sante kept rising to the top for professionalism, compassion, and success with their patients (some of Sante’s alumni and staff were Council volunteers, etc.). I’ve been blessed to have worked at Sante for nearly five years now and have referred friends and family to Sante’s multiple levels of care. I’m proud to be a part of this 20+ year legacy that touches, changes and saves lives of individuals, families and generations to come.”

“Going to Sante was the best thing I ever did I’ll explain my story and other night but what I’m about to write I would not realize any of this if it wasn’t for Sante Center of healing all the nurses to text and the counselors it was the most amazing experience I’ve had tough but easy a lot of love a lot of care a lot of trust Sante Center of healing definitely saved my life thank you all love you and miss you…it won’t let me post it here so go back one onto santes fb page and you will c my post. If I cud go back for free I would. They saved my life and they save my relationship with my mom and dad. The most amazing thing is now my parents understand me to a “T”. And understand me. It’s amazing. At the age now of 34, was 33 in sante I’m just now living my life. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I have made a ton of new friends who I love dearly and they love there superwoman but I made a new family who I can trust and even though I’m not there anymore I can call them anytime and talk to them if I’m having a bad day or even just to say hi besides graduation going and leaving sante it was the best day of my life.”

Yelp Reviews

“Santé Center for Healing is a wonderful place. Santé Center has a caring staff and is a safe place to seek help if you need it. Highly recommend!!”

“This facility’s staff was caring from the very beginning. It was a stressful process to get my loved one to agree to go to treatment, so the Intake department was AWESOME at keeping in touch. Once my loved one admitted, the process was easy and communication was consistent after my name was added to the consents (which was tough, but my loved one was in a bad place and took awhile to allow family to know more of the truth). The inclusion of Family Therapy and the family night really helped heal our family and gave me a way better understanding of what she was going through. This is a longer-stay facility, so $ was a stretch but the financial folks worked with me to make it work.”

“Santé Center for Healing is a top notch addiction and trauma treatment program. Santé is located on a beautiful campus where it’s easy to connect with nature. The staff are qualified professionals who truly have a heart for helping others find sobriety and healing. Santé has many outpatient programs and transitional housing for ongoing support, and their alumni program makes you feel like you’re always part of a caring family.”

“Two years ago, I entered Santé for alcoholism via an intervention. The staff compassionately guided me husband through the intervention, and helped me face my pain and shame and begin the process of working through my issues utilizing aspects of the 12 Step Program. They held my story in a space of grace and gave me the courage to move from pain to empowerment so that I could once again find purpose and see the sacredness in the all of life. I shall forever be grateful.”

Additional Testimonials: From Individuals

The concept on anonymity and recovery has been around since the introduction of Alcoholics Anonymous. It was seen as an important ingredient stressing that each and every person in a meeting has equal value AND it allowed for an environment where individuals can open about and address issues they might not otherwise. Many of our alumni have gone on to become committed sponsors, passionate recovery advocates and inspirational speakers (professionally, socially and in the recovery circuit), open about their journey. Yet many of our alumni have chosen to remain anonymous in this environment of social media and modern technology. But almost on a daily basis, alumni reach back out to us to reflect on their Santé experience. We are sharing just a handful below. (Note that any identifying names/details have been removed.)

“Everyone touched my life in a positive way. You all gave me back my life. Actually, you gave me the answers to having a life like I’ve never had before. For that, I am eternally grateful.”

“Being at Santé was the first time in my life that I have felt safe and loved. I didn’t know what that felt like before and couldn’t identify it”

“I am so very grateful for Santé for helping save my life and never giving up on me. I will never forget what Santé has done for me. It is my home away from home.”

“If you’re a family member of someone trying to get sober, but who may or may not want to, I hope you at least consider Santé. I reluctantly first came to this place as a hopeless, rebellious, and arrogant 19 year old IV crystal meth addict. After time… and many different learning experiences and failures, I grew to start to acknowledge some of the things I found out about myself. Or, if you’re struggling with addiction yourself, and you want to stay sober, Santé can lay a strong foundation for you, if you choose to follow their eccentric and occasionally irritating process”

“For the first time in my life I have hope. Santé has been an incredible experience. I am starting to see the person God created me to be and I like what I see. I no longer feel worthless. Santé has been instrumental in helping me work through some deep rooted shame. I cannot thank everyone enough for giving me my life back. I am looking forward to my new life! Sober and free.”

“Santé helped me deal with my alcoholism and start on the path to recovery. They also helped me start the road to getting back my career in medicine. I had a great experience at Santé and am so thankful for my time there. It truly changed my future.”

“I have made lifelong friendships and connections with people from all over the US who completely understand this cunning disease and share my same hopes and dreams for a full life of recovery. I will never forget these 4 months at Santé. What a small price to pay for truly saving my life.”

“I am keeping in constant contact with my close knit case group. I am also in contact with other women from Santé. A group of 5-6 of us chat, text or email daily. My experience at Santé was the most difficult, yet life changing experience. Santé saved me.”

“Just a note to let you know I am one year sober! I am so greatful (I know this is misspelled, but it is my preferred spelling 🙂 to you and all at Santé who helped me reclaim me – all of me – my mind, body and spirit. “

“I’m sitting here at my kick ass new job, and remembered that today is my one year clean date for self-harm. I’m pretty grateful for my Santé experience right now”

“Addiction literally destroyed almost everything in my life. It was about to kill me. SANTE SAVED ME PERIOD!”

“I went there hopeless, empty, confused, scared… dead inside. I left literally in the best health of my life.”

“I learned things about myself at Santé that I never knew. I learned I can be a leader. I learned I have compassion and empathy. And most importantly, I learned that my past no longer has to cast its dark shadow over me. I love myself today, just for today. That is a miracle. My birth certificate may say something to the contrary, but I can honestly say that I was born on a small hill in Argyle, TX because here, for the first time, I experienced LIFE.”

“I was a patient in Santé Center for Healing for a total of 9 months inpatient and 5 months in Transitional Living (not quite in that order), and because of that I feel obligated to voice my honest and knowledgeable opinion of it. First, since it is a common topic, Santé is pricey. That’s true. However, Santé did work with my family to help make it possible for me to stay as long as I needed to get what I could out of it. Now here’s what that money paid for: Santé is for people struggling with all sorts of addictions, namely but not limited to substance abuse, eating disorders, and process addictions, and is based on the 12 Steps”

“What can I say? Santé saved my life. I relapsed after 9 years of sobriety, and I came to Santé a broken man, a bad alcoholic. I had been through 13 weeks of treatment some 16 years ago, but never as deep and thorough a treatment as Santé gave me. The treatment team here helped me with core issues that had never been dealt with, and I feel so much more at peace and ready to live a sober life again. It was a tough 12 weeks, but I would not trade this experience for anything as I truly believe that the treatment teams; expertise, and the wonderful staff, and my peer community saved my life. I will always be grateful to everyone at Santé for that.”

“My stay at Santé has changed my life for the better in every possible way. Santé focuses on complete recovery in every facet of living – the disease of addiction, spirituality, physical wellness, and mental and emotional wellness.”

“Santé Center for Healing has been a miracle for me; in fact the ultimate miracle. I was extremely distraught when I arrived here three months ago. During my time here I was able to make shifts in thinking that have led to positive changes in mindset that have ultimately created a state of serenity. I have been at peace and have finally been able to experience joy in my life.”

“Santé has changed my entire view of life. I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to complete treatment here. The staff and treatment team are amazing. It seems like a whole lot at first, but if ya stick it out you’ll be grateful for the gain.”

“Santé is my church.”

“Santé Center Rocks!! They have helped me out so much, so I’d like to acknowledge everyone on my Treatment Team! Thank you all so much!”

“Santé saved my life in so many ways. I would not have lasted another year in my addiction. On a side note however, Santé is so thorough, they actually identified another somewhat unrelated health condition with my liver that would have greatly reduced my life span if not identified and treated.”

“Santé absolutely changed my life and saved it in more ways than one! I was a patient from August – October 2017”

“Santé literally means “health”. I left Santé healthier in mind, body, and spirit!”

Additional Testimonials: From Families

“We so very much appreciate all that you have done for [him] (and us.) We were talking about how incredible it is that everyone who has worked with us at Santé has made us feel that they genuinely care for us as individuals, not just as “patients” or “clients.” God has truly blessed us! We can never thank all of you enough.”

Additional Testimonials: Intensive Workshop Participants

“It’s life changing information. Facilitator made it enjoyable.”
–Previous Codependency Intensive Attendee 2020

“I learned to accept my shortcomings and understand I am not the only one who experiences them. The team helped me realize other people are not in charge of my happiness and I do not have to fix and try to change others.”

“I have rediscovered my true self with no shame or guilt!”

“I believe in recovery being one day at a time, but sometimes it takes four intense days with peers and caring professionals to experience true healing.”

“The codependency intensive taught me practical ways to deconstruct unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. The intensive helped me let go of deep-seated shame, sadness, and grief I had been carrying for years. The feedback and the therapy team was invaluable.”

“It’s not about just ‘codependence,’ it’s about real life skills that weren’t taught to me in my childhood environment. Worth every penny.”
–Previous Codependency Intensive Attendee 2020

“The facilitators taught us how to identify codependent thoughts and behaviors, recognize negative cognitions surrounding our perceptions of self, followed by learning how to disarm these messages. I was so impressed with the entire therapy team; how they encouraged us to help each other and become our own consultants. I have hope. Thanks y’all!”

“The trauma intensive contributed to my healing by changing my perspectives on my traumas, turning overwhelming heaviness into something more approachable. I am honestly shocked at the difference in my mood from the 4-day intensive. I expected some change, but it’s tremendous!”